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About Us

Don’t let your device go naked!

Since the days of Adam and Eve, man has sought to cover his nakedness with suitable garments. For comfort, for protection, for the sake of his own modesty…and for the sake of style.

Why is it any different for your tech devices?

You would never go to work in the buff, would you? (Well, for most occupations.) Yet you think nothing of taking your most cherished tech devices here, there, and everywhere au natural.

As you stroll about town with your disrobed device, people no doubt see you and whisper to one another, “Oh, for shame! That man is letting that beautiful tablet of his walk around unclad in public!” And, “What is that woman thinking? Her device is nude!”

Here at Devicewear, we are dedicated to making high-quality, stylish protective outerwear for your favorite portable device. Owners, please clothe your devices; it’s the only decent thing to do. Think of the children.

Be Social...

If you’ve given your device the timeless gift of Devicewear, we would love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions or need support, please hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. We also have exclusive coupons and monthly giveaways on our social pages. If someone you know is letting his or her device go nude, spread the word and Like or Follow us today. The only way we’ll see all devices decently clothed is if we work together.